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Fast Track Program

Fast Track Program
For Health Professionals
Learn the basics of chemistry interpretation and the consultation process according to Free Radical Therapy® and the Designed2Win® Human Health Model. This program includes the following: 
• FRT and the Cell Theory DVD
• The Health Realities Journal Free Radical Therapy series
• The Health Realities Journal Detox Essentials series, part I and II
• The Health Realities Journal Toxic Footprint series, part I, II and IV
• The Vitamin D Health Realities Journal
• The Free Radical Therapy Manual
• The Basic 100 Textbook for Interpreting Blood Chemistry
• An opportunity to participate in the Beta Testing version of our upcoming chemistry interpretation software program - can be used for yourself or the patient of your choice. This includes a laboratory voucher,* interpretation of laboratory chemistry results, a computer-generated report, and up to one hour's consultation on the phone with H.L.Sam Queen.**
 (*Lab voucher not available outside of the U.S., but we will provide you with resources to get the correct labs drawn.)
(**Consultation will be between ordering health practitioner and H.L. Sam Queen, not with the patient.)
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