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Your Personal Health Guide

Your Personal Health Guide

118 pages

If you're interested in the Designed2Win way of thinking about health, this easy-to-read book is a good place to start. It's based on our belief that your body has a specific design to it, and the best way to achieve health is to thoroughly understand that design and develop strategies to support it. By reading this, you'll gain a better understanding of our philosophy; which will ultimately help you to expect a better outcome to your health program. Some of the included topics are simple explanations of Free Radical Therapy, the Key Homeostatic Controls, and the Health Model; an explanation of the controversy over mercury in tooth fillings; basic dietary information; and the value of supplementation and basic reasons for taking some of the more common supplements. Even if you're not working directly with us, you'll find much that you can apply to your own health immediately.

We have recently reduced the price of this booklet - only because it includes information about some services that we no longer offer, or offer differently, as well as a few other details that have changed. The health concepts and content remain as valuable as always!

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