All Issues Mercury-Free News

All Issues Mercury-Free News

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Mercury-Free News (Hg-Free News)

As Sam – due to his own history with mercury poisoning – began researching more and more about the topic and getting involved in the movement to remove mercury from dentistry, he started writing up what he found and sending it out to people. This eventually developed into a regular newsletter published from 1988-1993. As with all his writings, Sam was never averse to picking up the telephone to speak directly with the scientists and government officials he wrote about. And also as with all of his writings, extensive footnotes were always included to connect the science with his reporting.

Only 2 of the issues of Mercury-Free News (otherwise known as Hg-Free News) are in print any more. In the future we plan to offer all of them as downloads.

Individual issues – currently discounted 25%

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Both currently available issues, 1988 Events in Review – out of print, Latest Research Findings – Aug 1989 – out of print, Looking Ahead – Jan 1990 – out of print, Science and Politics Collide – Jul 1990 – out of print, FDA Sounds Death Knell – Nov 1990 – out of print, FDA Panel On Dental Affairs – Mar 1991 – out of print, Amalgam War Heating Up – Jul 1991, Patient Have a Mercury Problem? – Jan 1992 – out of print, Research Community Making Strides – Feb 1993

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