Black Currant Seed Oil**

Black Currant Seed Oil**

What It Is: An oil derived from black currants, which is rich in the fatty acids GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and alpha-linolenic acid.

Useful For: Shutting down any chronic inflammation, rebuilding connective tissues.*

How It Works: These essential fatty acids help the body produce Series I prostaglandins that aid in turning chronic inflammation on and off healthfully, and stimulating repair of connective tissue. Through this process, they modify blood pressure, clotting functions, cholesterol production and blood circulation, mainly through control of inflammation. 

What To Look For: Primrose or borage oils are often recommended as GLA supplements. However, black currant oil is a much better source, and the one recommended by the World Health Organization. It has twice as much GLA as primrose oil. Although it doesn’t have as much GLA as borage oil, borage oil doesn’t have as much alpha linolenic acid. Black currant oil has the preferred balance of fatty acids.

*Supplement comments from Sam’s studies are provided for background information only. He never recommended a particular supplement without extensively evaluating a client’s individual blood chemistry results and health history, and worked with their physicians as necessary. Always consult your health provider when choosing to use a particular supplement. 

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100 softgels

Each capsule contains 500 mg black currant seed oil and 70 mg gamma linolenic acid (GLA)

Other ingredients: gelatin, purified water, glycerin

*No statement made on this site should be construed as constituting a health claim that particular foods, food supplements, or brand name products may alone provide a cure. Each recommendation is intended for use as adjunct, nutritional support to conventional health practice. Statements made are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Why do we discount a product? Sometimes it’s getting near to its sell-by date, or sometimes we’ve just purchased too much of an item. Sam’s general rule of thumb for most supplements was – as long as they are stored properly – they are still good for 2 years after the date printed on the label. (Probiotics and gel capsules for 1 year – again when stored properly.) Once it’s getting near its sell-by date, we will reduce the price. We will never sell you anything past its sell-by date.

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