Free Radical Therapy Part IV – Acidemia/Free Calcium Excess

Free Radical Therapy Part IV – Acidemia/Free Calcium Excess

Acidemia/Free Calcium Excess
Acid pH and excesses of free calcium hinder Free Radical Therapy by enhancing free radical production and slowing the activity of antioxidants. Chronic excesses of free calcium are one of the many outcomes of chronic inflammation, and will ultimately be deposited in tissues if not corrected. These deposits contribute to a wide assortment of diseased conditions ranging from arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure to osteoarthritis, or pseudogout. Free calcium accumulation and acid pH are also important features of the atherosclerotic lesion. When present in the pancreas, the combination raises one’s risk of diabetes by interfering with normal insulin output. To counter these effects, doctors often give calcium channel blocker drugs, which carry their own risks. This issue shows you how to solve the same problem without drugs, or with reduced dosages that are equally effective and much, much safer. The mechanisms of pH control in the body and what can be done from a diet and lifestyle perspective to maintain pH at a level that is consistent with the requirements for optimum health. It is the answer for overcoming pathogenic bacteria without antibiotics, for for overcoming those that are antibiotic resistant – a situation for which there has previously been no answer.

Part 4 of the 4-part Free Radical Therapy series
Volume 13, Number 4
Fall 1994
16 pages

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The final incarnation of Sam’s official writing became the Health Realities Journal, published from 1994-2010. Each issue of this journal outlines the science associated with each topic in detail, but then also addresses related diet, supplemental, and lifestyle practical applications that can be used to address patient issues. Complete annotations are included for all scientific references used in their compilation.


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