Heart Talk – Cholesterol Education On Hold

Heart Talk – Cholesterol Education On Hold

Cholesterol Education On Hold

A report of the ceasing of the National High Cholesterol Education Program and the reasons for its celebration. Sam had been actively fighting its lack of focus on the number of deaths that were still occurring in spite of lowering cholesterol across the board.

Volume 4, Supplement 2
April 1985
3 pages

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Some of Sam’s earliest interests had to do with heart health, particularly from the aspect of eggs and cholesterol. This was because of a challenge in the early 1980’s from the Wallace Genetic Foundation to investigate the health aspects of eggs.

His first newsletter was Heart Talk, which was published from 1983-1989.

Each issue reflects his focus on the science behind every concept, and you can follow the development of his Health Model as he began to connect the dots between heart health and many other areas of health.

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Cholesterol Education

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