Resolving Conflict is Important for Supporting Your Winning Design


Ongoing conflict at home, work or in any facet of your life, can eventually create havoc in your blood chemistry, and then your health. To really support the winning design that we know your body has, it becomes important to find a way to resolve conflict.

The oil spill in the Gulf – which has been on my mind a lot lately – offers a great example of this. After the explosion, and once contamination began, the tendency by everyone – the media, the government, the involved businesses, the lay public – became to point fingers and find fault. As long as this attitude remains prevalent, a successful resolution will be hard to find. It will only be when all the parties involved recognize that they must lay aside their differences and the need for blame, and begin to work together so that all available energy and resources are poured into a solution, will one be found.

Likewise it is with health. I’m often approached by individuals who are ill, and so angry about their situations that they want me to help them prepare an argument to take to court. I have to explain my strong belief that this attitude of wanting to place blame does nothing toward what they really want, which is to be healthy and well again. And if they continue to expend their energy in this direction, they will have less energy and focus for putting their attention on their own health and well-being. For the best possible outcome when dealing with a health problem (your own, or that of someone you love), it’s important to focus on solving the health problem. Anything else will only benefit long-term care units, lawyers and undertakers.


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