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Resources for H.L. “Sam” Queen’s DESIGNED2WIN Health Model

Although Sam in no longer physically with us, Designed2Win remains here to support you in your search for better health, using the principles he so believed in. We are happy to help you with your nutritional supplement needs, as well as continuing to provide all of Sam’s written and recorded information so you can continue your own journey.


“Sam’s passing has left a huge hole in my heart, my soul, and my quest to remain healthy. One of the most comforting things that has helped me through this trying time is the joy of going back through his many tapes and journals, and especially his Basic 100 and his piece on Vitamin D. His writings are precious and filled with wisdom that one could search a lifetime for and never find.”

~Michael Robichaux, DDS, Slidell, LA

“Almost all of what Sam wrote is still very relevant…most people have no idea.”

~W. David Luce, MD, Boulder, CO

"I feel like Sam is riding on my shoulder every day as I consider what to do nutritionally. I had so much exposure to him in our friendship that I almost did not realize the extent of what he taught me over the years. I still go back to the Basic 100 text every now and then to double-check my information about a blood chemistry. Sam had a wonderful understanding of how the human body functions, and frequently I would wonder 'where did he get that answer?'"

~Tom Wais, DDS, Scottsdale, AZ


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