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Achieving A More Designed2Win Life

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“Medicine is what a doctor does for you –
Health is what you do for yourself!”

~ H.L. “Sam” Queen

What You Can Do

Everyone has a disclaimer, and here’s ours.

We are not here to treat people, but rather to guide you as you search for answers to your health concerns.

In matters of health, the role assumed by Designed2Win in no way takes the place of your doctor.

Your doctor was professionally trained to make a diagnosis, place a label on the diagnosis, and then to treat the label. This makes your doctor the expert in crisis care and disease management. If you’re facing an immediate health problem, or are in need of a diagnosis, always begin with your doctor.

Your Own Health2
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But here’s food for thought, and the reason behind H.L. “Sam” Queen’s lifetime passion.

This is where traditional medicine is lacking. Prevention, in that way of thinking, has to do more with eliminating symptoms and managing risk factors than getting at underlying causes that could lead to disease.

From a Designed2Win perspective, you want to look for not just the symptoms, but also for what caused them. They may also indicate further health issues that could occur in the future if the symptom is simply eliminated or controlled through the use of a drug or dietary change. Sam always recommended searching a bit further to find out what caused the symptom to begin with, and how it’s affecting your health. For this you will need your doctor’s help. That’s why we suggest you choose a health provider who is open to this way of thinking.

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