Helping You Achieve Your Designed2Win Practice

Helping You Achieve Your Designed2Win Practice

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Every health professional who wanted to go above and beyond to create lasting health for clients and patients, was H.L. “Sam” Queen’s kind of professional!

Sam’s Designed2Win philosophy is supportive of the objectives of any healer physician, but differs greatly from the general practices of medicine. It delivers long-term health answers where answers may not have previously been available.

Medicine, and the science behind it, is geared toward emulating the mechanisms of the human body. It strives to imitate or even improve upon a particular action, or to counter a particular action of disease or infective agent. This approach has proven itself ideal in an emergency situation, in longer-term crises care, and in the management of chronic disease.

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But for optimum health, rather than seeing a flawed human body in need of a named illness and prescription, Sam saw the data as the best strategy that the body could come up with at any given moment in time to meet all of the challenges presented. When the challenges are severe, the data may show that the body is simply trying to hang on, but with the intent of surviving nevertheless. Under this premise, the goal is to not just treat the disease label, but to identify the challenge and find ways to support the body’s effort to meet the challenge.

If you’ve ever had a client or patient report to you with 20 or more symptoms – something far too common – you can ease the burden you feel of prescribing too many drugs by first grouping those symptoms into six categories of homeostatic control, then addressing each of those six categories through dietary and lifestyle support to what you see the body trying to accomplish through chemistry.

You can begin to see out-of-range chemistry in a totally different way.

Designed2Win’s 3 Basic Steps

Step 1: You first understand, to the finest degree possible, just how the human body works from the standpoint of systems and cellular function. Viewing the body in this manner allows you to establish the state of cell health.

Step 2: You make sense of what the body is telling you about how it is responding to challenges. Some data is gathered from symptoms, but many of the finer details are gathered from listening in to the body’s private conversation with itself – in the form of chemistry. Obtaining and evaluating the right chemistry profile allows you to reveal the complete picture of all the challenges the body is faced with and its primary self-correcting mechanisms.

Chemistry is seen as the language that the body uses to give itself instruction for handling all of the challenges presented to it…always with the intent of winning. So, no matter how unusual or out-of-range the data may appear, what the chemistry reveals is nevertheless the very best strategy that the body could come up with at the moment to successfully meet all of those challenges…and always with the attitude of keeping your client or patient going long enough to win.

Step 3: After putting all the data together you then find the best possible way to support all that the body is trying to accomplish. You’ll learn to organize the symptoms into categories that reflect the self-correcting mechanisms for cell health. Rather than seeing a multitude of separate diseases and symptoms, this new method allows you to see the common denominators of disease and the body as a whole.

Applying the Designed2Win process in your health practice allows you to ultimately get at the cause of your client’s health problems while you continue to apply your customary protocol - allowing you to enhance your treatment outcomes no matter what the diagnosis.


“Sam’s passing has left a huge hole in my heart, my soul, and my quest to remain healthy. One of the most comforting things that has helped me…is the joy of going back through his many tapes and journals, and especially his Basic 100 and his piece on Vitamin D. His writings are precious and filled with wisdom that one could search a lifetime for and never find.”

~Michael Robichaux, DDS, Slidell, LA

How Do You Get Started?

There is both an art and a science to Designed2Win, and Sam taught both.

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The SCIENCE of Designed2Win through Free Radical Therapy


To learn about the science of Free Radical Therapy:

To interpret blood chemistry using this health-model approach

“Almost all of what Sam wrote is still very relevant…most people have no idea.”

~W. David Luce, MD, Boulder, CO