FRT and the Cell Theory

FRT and the Cell Theory

The Health Realities Education Series
“Turning Disease into Health Through Free Radical Therapy and the Designed2Win Model of Health”

An explanation of the first objectively-measured Human Health Model; the history of Free Radical Therapy and how it satisfies the Classic Cell Theory.

2 DVDs

Part One – How Free Radical Therapy Began
Sam traces the history of – and his connections with – the scientists who developed major theories that led to today’s widely accepted cell theory of disease. The search for common denominators in disease and how it resulted in the new Free Radical Therapy-Designed2Win® Model of Health

Part Two – How Free Radical Therapy Satisfies the Classic Cell Theory
The six common homeostatic control for health. Scientific concepts behind the Designed2Win Model of Health. Why it’s important to view the human body as designed to win. An introduction to how the six homeostatic controls affect the body.

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