All issues Health Realities Journal

All issues Health Realities Journal

The final incarnation of Sam’s official writing became the Health Realities Journal, published from 1994-2010. Each issue of this journal outlines the science associated with each topic in detail, but then also addresses related diet, supplemental, and lifestyle practical applications that can be used to address patient issues. Complete annotations are included for all scientific references used in their compilation.

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A set of all Health Realities Journal issues left in print.

This is constantly updated as issues become depleted (they are always available as downloads, however), so if nothing shows available at any given time, it may only be because we’ve sold the last copy of a particular issue and our website hasn’t yet been updated. Please send us a note if you encounter this and we’ll update it asap for you!

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All issues Health Realities, FRT#1: Free Radicals, Oxidants & Oxidative Stress, FRT #2: Antioxidants, FRT #3: Inflammation, FRT #4: Acidemia/Free Calcium Excess, Rx for Health #1: Adopting a Health Model, Rx for Health #2: Focus on the Individual, Rx for Health #3: Look Beyond Standard of Care, The So-Called "Health Care System" Has Failed, Things that "Bug" Us: Hg, Microbes, Dead Doctors, Creatine-An Investigative Report, I Thought I Was SUPPOSED to be Taking Vitamin C!, A Mouthful of Evidence – Periodontal Disease, Protease Enzymes #3 – Victory Over Cancer, Toxic Footprints #1 – Identifying Toxins, Toxic Footprints #2 – Clinical Implications, Toxic Footprints #4 – Free Unbound Iron, Detox Essentials #1 – Whole Eggs – Magic Bullets, Detox Essentials #2 – Mercury-Binding Proteins, Vitamin D: Health Panacea or Killer?, Summary of Amalgam Research – 1997

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