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All Issues Health Talk

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The more Sam researched heart health, the more he began to see the connections between heart health and all other areas of health. He became increasingly more aware of the need to study how all areas of health were interrelated in order to achieve the level of optimum health he believed humans were both capable of, and meant to have. 

Thus the name of his newsletter now changed to Health Talk.

Health Talk newsletter was the precursor to the Health Realities Journal, and issues were written between 1990-1993. But don’t let the dates fool you – everything he ever wrote was part of the unfolding of Designed2Win. These issues contain examples of the body’s winning design and your role in supporting it – even though we weren’t calling it that. Truth transcends time, and you’ll find valuable information in every issue.


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Gastrointestinal Microorganisms, Nerve and Brain Repair, Beta Carotene and Cancer, Lowering Triglycerides Correctly, Low Cholesterol and Cancer, In The Meantime, All 6 available issues

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