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All Issues Heart Talk

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Heart Talk

Some of Sam’s earliest interests had to do with heart health, particularly from the aspect of eggs and cholesterol. This was because of a challenge in the early 1980’s from the Wallace Genetic Foundation to investigate the health aspects of eggs.

His first newsletter was Heart Talk, which was published from 1983-1989.

Each issue reflects his focus on the science behind every concept, and you can follow the development of his Health Model as he began to connect the dots between heart health and many other areas of health.

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All 9 available issues, 1982 AHA Scientific Sessions #1 – Jan '83, 1982 AHA Scientific Sessions #2 – Jul '83, 1983 AHA Scientific Sessions – Feb 1984, LRC Study Critique – Nov 1984, The Cholesterol Debacle – out of print, Cholesterol Education On Hold – out of print, Fish Oil Update – Mar 1997, Mercury Connection – November 1988, 1988 AHA Scientific Sessions – Feb 89, FASEB Meeting – July 1989, Cholesterol Hysteria – December 1989

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