Health Talk – In The Meantime

Health Talk – In The Meantime

An interim issue between Health Talk and Health Realities, explaining the direction the newsletter was going into.

Topics include introduction of the computerized lab interpretation software that was being developed. The 36-hour program for controlling urinary tract, prostate, yeast, viral and skin infections – as well as sinusitis – also showing effectiveness as first steps in detoxification of heavy metals and reduction of cholesterol. Introduction of Free Radical Therapy. The argument for health care reform.

Volume 12, Supplement 1
April 1993
4 pages

Available in both printed and downloadable versions.

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Health Talk

The more Sam researched heart health, the more he began to see the connections between heart health and all other areas of health. He became increasingly more aware of the need to study how all areas of health were interrelated in order to achieve the level of optimum health he believed humans were both capable of, and meant to have. 

Thus the name of his newsletter now changed to Health Talk.

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In The Meantime

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