Health Talk – Restoring the Normal Balance of Gastrointestinal Microorganisms

Health Talk – Restoring the Normal Balance of Gastrointestinal Microorganisms

An Important Early Step Toward Optimum Health

An adequate balance and population of bacteria that normally inhabit the gastrointestinal tract is fundamental to answering Sam’s eternal question: What constitutes health? Scientific findings in recent years indicate they play a fundamental role in protecting patients from a multitude of disease conditions. A deficiency or imbalance sets the stage for a cascade of events that may lead to the onset and progression of many health conditions.

Doctors of every specialty will benefit from what’s provided here: a better understanding of their functions, knowing the food sources in which they’re found, choosing supplements carefully, and discovering how the use of these organisms might enhance a patient’s treatment outcome, no matter what the initial problem is.

Volume 9, Number 1
June 1990
8 pages

Available in both printed and downloadable versions.

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Health Talk

The more Sam researched heart health, the more he began to see the connections between heart health and all other areas of health. He became increasingly more aware of the need to study how all areas of health were interrelated in order to achieve the level of optimum health he believed humans were both capable of, and meant to have. 

Thus the name of his newsletter now changed to Health Talk.

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