Prescription For Health Part II – Focus On The Individual

Prescription For Health Part II – Focus On The Individual

Focus On The Individual
Standard of care in most areas of health care focus on a one-size-fits-all approach – and not without merit. However, many individuals do not fit this mold. This issue addresses that, while outlining why health requires that the doctor and patient place greater emphasis on diet, rest, exercise, and food supplementation – essentials that must be tailored to individual need if one is ever to get well. Toxic environmental pollution and its effect on health is covered, as well as how to test for and deal with it. Why following established recommendations for nutrient intake falls short of our goal for optimum health. There is also a short sidebar update about Canada’s mandate against dental amalgam fillings.

Part 1 of the 3-part Prescription for Health series
Volume 14, Number 2
Spring 1995
12 pages

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The final incarnation of Sam’s official writing became the Health Realities Journal, published from 1994-2010. Each issue of this journal outlines the science associated with each topic in detail, but then also addresses related diet, supplemental, and lifestyle practical applications that can be used to address patient issues. Complete annotations are included for all scientific references used in their compilation.


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