All issues Put Down The Duckie

All issues Put Down The Duckie

Put Down The Duckie – Gently Releasing Old Habits For A Healthier Life

Betty used to joke that her eyes would glaze over when Sam started excitedly talking about the science that his concepts were based on! She wanted to focus on how that information could be translated into everyday living. So Put Down The Duckie was born. 

The resulting 12 issues that she and Sam created together help you change your lifestyle gradually and painlessly. Each focuses on one of Sam’s health concepts, with the attitude that habits are acquired over time and therefore need time to be changed. With some science, stories, recipes and hints, you are gently guided toward doing just that.

Originally planned as a bi-monthly newsletter to give you a couple of months to bond with a new habit before starting on the next one – you can use these different issues and topics to plan your own program, knowing that at every step you’re improving your health for the long term. 

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Put Down The Duckie doesn’t just give you good health information, but helps you be successful using it by making changes gradually. It takes you through one relatively simple aspect of health at a time, giving you background information on why it’s important to do, suggestions on how to work it into your lifestyle, tips, recipes and encouragement. It allows you to concentrate on changing one habit at a time, instead of changing everything at once.

You’ll find information in areas such as using whole wheat grains, how to balance your pH simply, or why it’s better to use butter than margarine. Each time you add something new to your lifestyle, you’ll be adding another level to your overall health.

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Changing Habits: Add Lemon to Water, Butter Wars: Butter or Margarine?, Use It, Don't Lose It: Protein, Against the Grain: Whole Grains, Do Something…Anything: Exercise, Organically Speaking: Organic Dairy, How Sweet It Is: Avoiding White Sugar, Sugar…Choose Smart Substitutes, What's on Tap? Your Drinking Water, Fear of Frying: Fats and Oils, A Little Culture in Life: Cultured Dairy, Avoiding White Flour Foods

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