Things That “Bug” Us: Mercury, Rising Disease Rates, Microbes, and Dead Doctors

Things That “Bug” Us: Mercury, Rising Disease Rates, Microbes, and Dead Doctors

Things That “Bug” Us

Mercury, Rising Disease Rates, Microbes, and Dead Doctors
In the health field, 1996 was an eventful year. The ADA continued to press dental boards to remove the licenses of dentists who practice “mercury-free”; the incidence of new infections grew at an alarming rate, as did the rate of antibiotic resistance; people became more prone to infections; and the cost of health care and the prevalence of heart disease and cancer continued to make a sharp, upward turn. Then, there were the missed opportunists-trying to fill the gap where the health care system has failed us-touting “colloidal” minerals. These and other challenges to health natural appear every year, but the knowledge gained by our efforts is certain to benefit everyone. By getting better acquainted with these issues you’ll be better prepared to deal with them yourself. As you follow along, you’ll want to pay special attention to how the continued use of antibiotics and the trend towards low-fat, low-cholesterol ‘everything’ are fundamentally responsible for the rise in disease rates as well as the steady decline in immune defenses and the rise in antibiotic resistant organisms. Although this issue covers a number of topics, its intent is to set the tone for the next series of issues that follow it.

Volume 16, Number 1
Winter 1997
8 pages

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The final incarnation of Sam’s official writing became the Health Realities Journal, published from 1994-2010. Each issue of this journal outlines the science associated with each topic in detail, but then also addresses related diet, supplemental, and lifestyle practical applications that can be used to address patient issues. Complete annotations are included for all scientific references used in their compilation.

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Things That Bug Us

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