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Health is in the Details

One of the many roles we have at Designed2Win® is helping you – as well as your patients, clients or loved ones – gain or regain a state of optimal health. These include a general means of improving cell functioning. Improved cell function is often obtained by supporting the body’s cells in the making of a particular protein, or in the use of such protein. This results in a broad range of health benefits, including improved energy and enthusiasm, and ultimately the freedom to carry out one’s life purpose. Take protein size, for example.

Protein Size Matters

In this regard size matters – protein size especially. If you’ve ever wondered about the relative size of proteins, the cells that contain them, or what proteins do when you aren’t watching, you might want to pay attention. Human cells are minute, and cannot be seen without magnification. The proteins located in those tiny human cells are even more miniscule (ranging between 10 nm and 50 nm in length for most of them). They are so small that each cell will contain 2-4 million of them.

How long is a nm? It’s 1 billionth of a meter (which is really, really small!). In comparison, a photon wave associated with data and voice transmission (how you receive your television signal or talk on your cell phone) is much larger, about 1300 nm. So, when you figure that between 2 million and 4 million proteins are working right now in every one of the 34 trillion cells in your body – each performing a specific function to keep you alive, well, and ready to handle the next challenge – you realize that the cell itself is not only organized, it’s quite crowded.

Too, 90% of a cell’s protein was made within that cell, and each individual protein is comprised of approximately 450 amino acids. So not only is it crowded, it’s dynamic as well. Nearly everything inside your cell is on the move and doing something 24/7 to satisfy your every demand. Yet the life of each protein ranges from only minutes to hours, after which the amino acid components are split off and recycled. To guarantee that a newly made protein gets where it belongs and doesn’t overstay its welcome, an ‘address tag’ and ‘expiration date’ are attached directly to it. It is then escorted to the site of function by a chaperone protein. Some chaperone proteins, such as calreticulin, serve to help ‘fold’ the protein at the destination site so that it can go immediately to work. It’s escorted to the work site in the unfolded state, presumably because it is easier to travel through the crowded cell in that configuration.

Your Physical Body is Awesome

If knowing some of these details about proteins and what they do doesn’t give you a sense of awe with regard to your physical body, then you haven’t yet grasped the significance of what has been said here. Look even closer and you will see that every human cell has all the infrastructure, with all of the checks and balances, you might expect in a living city. And while you might wonder how you can remain healthy with so many intricate happenings going on virtually every second, every minute, and every hour of every day; we are all generally more healthy than we are sick.

Get Your Cell-Bound Proteins Back on Track

However, people do get sick. Knowing this – and understanding how to help get your cell-bound proteins back on track and functioning when need be – has become the nucleus of our business. We recognize the reality of all of this. We know what could go wrong, know what it takes to make cells align with your body’s intent, and focus single-mindedly on how we might assess your circumstance and correct it.

How we as outside observers can know which of your protein workers have become dysfunctional and how to correct them, is fundamental to what we do, and to the practice of clinical nutrition. Learning why a protein’s work has become unsatisfactory, and how to repair or replace the damage, was central to the questions we were asking 30 years ago, when we at Designed2Win® accepted our own life mission.

Our goal has always been to computerize the interpretation of chemistry relative to a human health model. Then, now, and in the future, we are committed to helping you attain the energy and enthusiasm required to go about accomplishing your life’s purpose. For this fundamental reason we developed the first optimum health assessment tool of its kind. This paved the way for developing a health model-based means for your health recovery.

Now, as we are completing that task, we’d like to share with you some of the awe-inspiring moments that our research brought to life, as they relate to your own bodies. To experience part of this never-ending story, we’d like you to come with us into the deeper workings of your own cells and into the many ways humans benefit from a smoother running body.

Gathering clues from your chemistry and correcting dysfunction as we navigate the human body has been fundamental to our endeavor to learn and teach. Too, learning to personalize and quantify each circumstance is fundamental for you and others who desire to one day live a life free of serious disease and dysfunction.

For the individual, we can work directly with you to understand and correct life’s health challenges.

For the health practitioner, we would like to introduce you to this computer model, and show you how it –and the health model approach in general – can simplify and enhance the treatment outcome for a wide variety of your patients and clients.

In this regard, it is our hope and prayer that your personal health journey at Designed2Win® will be as rewarding for you as it is for us.


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