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Jack LaLanne 1914-2011

“The only way you can hurt the body is not use it. Inactivity is the killer, and remember: It’s never too late.” ~ Jack LaLanne

With Sunday’s passing of longtime fitness enthusiast Jack LaLanne at the age of 96, we are given an example of what a lifetime of supporting our bodies can do towards providing us with a beautiful life outcome.

A few years ago Betty and I had the good fortune of meeting Jack LaLanne by chance at a resort in Berkeley, California. He was celebrating the birthday of a close friend, who himself had just turned 90. How exciting it must have been for the two of them, recognizing that diet and exercise had played such an important role in their both having the health required to celebrate. I know that for us, his friendly, caring and enthusiastic attitude stood out in those few moments. For days afterward we were affected by his natural and very real fervor for life, and in the years since have often commented on it, bringing a smile to our faces immediately upon recollection of that evening.

Jack LaLanne was a great example of someone living what we know as the Designed2Win lifestyle. He knew he was capable of participating in life joyfully and that by supporting his body in the best way possible he could live it to the fullest, and he wanted to reach out and share that with as many people as he could.

We believe the same for all of us, as well. What an inspiration!


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