Recent Heart Research Shows Why Our Approach is Desperately Needed


A recent health study attempted to link common risk factors with heart attacks. The results instead had a surprising result (although we personally didn’t find it all that surprising!). In this case, when the researchers addressed only the intended risk factors, participants’ death rates actually increased.

The Study: The Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) Trial

Objective: To reduce, over a 10 year period, heart attacks in people who have diabetes by aggressively lowering three big risk factors: blood sugar, total cholesterol and triglycerides, and blood pressure.

Outcome: After 8 years the blood sugar aspect was discontinued because the study group had a higher overall mortality rate than those not receiving aggressive therapy. After 10 years it was decided that this 3-pronged approach had no bearing on risk of heart disease, and the study was terminated.

Commentary: These risk factors were obviously not the reason for the heart attacks.

Because of misplaced focus in studies like this one, doctors continue to perpetuate the notion that by identifying and treating risk factors and symptoms, they can both manage and cure disease. Unfortunately, treatment often fails because it does not address the true underlying cause.

This study proves that point. In this case, when the researchers addressed only the intended risk factors, the death rate actually increased.

Attempts at aggressively treating symptoms and risk factors that make up the metabolic syndrome will not solve the heart disease outcome. Meaningful health is possible only when you approach the body from a health model perspective, as though it is made by design and designed to win, not to lose.

How Designed2Win™ Helps: By supporting the cell’s natural design of having six homeostatic controls, taught through our Free Radical Therapy concept* the body gains the freedom and ability to improve its immunity and initiate its own healing mechanisms. Symptoms of the metabolic syndrome disappear as you correctly handle the aberrations assessed from the chemistry surrounding these six homeostatic controls. Encourage your doctor to seek the training needed for delivering this level of health for you.

It’s all about perspective.


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