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There’s a health question-and-answer column that appears in our local paper, that too many people, unfortunately, depend on for health answers. The problem is, the answers are given by medical doctors who – as knowledgeable as they are about medicine – don’t understand the concepts of our health model. So their answers often perpetuate the problem.

For example: A woman wrote about her problems with severe osteoporosis. She had been taking Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva, and experienced severe and uncomfortable side effects with all three. (This is hardly unusual.) There were two other drugs that she was unable to take. Her own doctor had given up on her, and she was looking for alternative options.

The doctors’ answer:  Another drug was recommended – one that the columnists admitted also had serious side effects. Sadly, that was the extent of their answer.

If osteoporosis, however, was approached from our Designed2Win Health Model, we would recommend that your doctor begin by looking at your blood chemistry. In there we’d find the eight levels to a buffering system that are inherent in your body. From there, further tailoring of your health program would be ideal.

If you have a health provider that thinks in the Designed2Win way, you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t, here are some basic things you can do yourself to boost your bone and overall health:

Begin by controlling the acid/base balance of your body by avoiding sugar and white flour; and by adding a little lemon juice, lime juice or apple cider vinegar to your drinking water.

Make certain you get adequate sunshine and moderate exercise.

Include in your diet soups that are rich in proteins, or other sources of easy-to-digest amino acids such as hummus, almond butter or soft-poached eggs; eat lots of green vegetables.

Add minerals to your diet, either with a supplement or by eating cultured dairy foods, nuts, seeds and the aforementioned fresh green vegetables.

When you take these steps toward supporting your body’s design, then you are half way home to helping yourself avoid not only bone disorders, but a myriad of other diseases as well.

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