Wake Up! Your Body Responds to Your Lead

wake up

Remember when you were a kid and you’d tell someone “You’re not the boss of me!”? Turns out you were smarter than you knew!

People want to feel and be well, but can’t understand why they get infections, why they’re tired or overweight or always getting sick. Every few days I have the privilege of consulting with someone regarding a particular health issue, and love to see them connect the dots to make this basic discovery about their own health: YOUR body regards YOU as its master. You’re the boss of YOU!

In nearly all things physical and mental, your body is listening for your lead. If you sit all day watching TV, your body picks up on this and responds by lowering its energy output. Conversely, if you start walking every day for even 30 minutes, your body finds a way to begin generating more energy to accommodate. If you start your day with foods made from white flour and sugar, dine at fast food restaurants for lunch, and then turn to TV dinners in the evening, then you can be certain that your immune system is going to falter and you’ll experience repeat infections, runny nose, fatigue and loss of mental acuity. If you, instead, begin substituting healthier choices, your immune system will begin to strengthen. How much it strengthens depends on how much you’re willing to do.

This same principle also applies to your thoughts. If your focus is on the negative (if you’re always fearful of a problem, for instance, and what it might result in, rather than focusing on a solution for your problem), then you can bet that mental fatigue, chronic stress and depression will follow. Designed2Win reminds us that WE are in control, and we DO have the final word about the state of our health.

The key here is to wake up and realize that YOU have the first and last say in the health of your body. Such an awakening can be a life-changing – and maybe even life-saving – moment for you as it once was for the people whose success stories are now featured proudly on our web site. As we switch from relying totally upon others for our health to discovering the influence that we have in bringing about the change we want, each of us can become the captain of our ship – the leader of our own victory march. Do it and your Designed2Win body will respond.


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