What is Designed2Win?


With Designed2Win, we want to take your belief in your health to a new level. We’ll do this by thinking of your body in a whole new way – that it’s a body that has been designed to win and not to lose. When you realize this, you also realize there is much more hope for your health and well-being than there is fear or despair when you or a loved one are facing a health situation.

We’re building on our existing science of Free Radical Therapy™ and the information that’s been developed from our Institute for Health Realities. But with Designed2Win, we’re adding this new layer to bring it all together.

Your body is designed not only with all the parts it needs to make a perfect whole human being, but also with additional parts available to respond to any challenges you may face throughout your lifetime. Everything you need is there waiting for you to make use of it.

As you go through life, you’re faced with all kinds of situations. Your environment, your diet, your movement or lack of it, how much sleep you get or don’t – all these things affect your health as you go along. In addition, there’s another very important thing we want to consider with Designed2Win – conflict resolution. Conflict in your life can also play a damaging role in your health, and so conflict resolution will be part of the overall health plan presented here.

At Designed2Win, we’re all about finding a way to support the design of your body. We’ve always believed that you are an individual and your health deserves individual attention – there is no one-size-fits-all solution for health. Your body’s blood chemistry will read differently from anyone else’s on the planet, because of all the individual situations that only you have faced in your life up to now. You should never consider abnormal blood chemistry results as a sentence, but rather as an accurate portrayal of your body’s winning strategy – this is the best your body can do at the time and under the circumstances. It’s also, however, showing you what can be done to improve your health and get you back on the track to your original design. All the clues are there to help you do this. It can only be found from your own body’s chemistry.

For example, a high cholesterol is touted by the news media as something that needs to be lowered because it can cause heart disease. But in reality, a high cholesterol is a signal that something is not working properly in your body which that high cholesterol may be protecting you from. The reason you have high cholesterol may not be because you’re eating the wrong foods, but could mean you have been exposed to a toxin, and cholesterol is building up to preserve your nerves from damage. Simply reducing the cholesterol could increase your risk of damage from the toxin, in this case.

Of course, a high cholesterol could also mean you are eating too much of the wrong foods, too – the only way to know for sure is to examine it along with the other clues that your blood chemistry provides.

Correcting your cholesterol level only, in this case, may do your body some harm. It assumes your body may be designed to fail and we have to overcome a problem. When we instead assume that your body is designed to win, we look to see what the cholesterol level is trying to tell us, instead of considering it a problem to be wiped out. In order to do this, all the other aspects of your blood chemistry (and your life) have to be considered.

What it comes down to is understanding concepts before addressing any problem. Designed2Win is all about addressing health answers from a conceptual standpoint first. Understand the concept first, and then you have an opportunity to get well.


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