What’s the Buzz?

Whats the Buzz

I bet you thought I was going to talk about honey, didn’t you?

Hmm…that would bee a good idea for another time.

You may have noticed (hopefully!) that we haven’t posted in a few weeks. We want to let you know that things are buzzing at Designed2Win, with our new website nearly completed. When it’s finished, our blog will have a new look as well! We’ve been having a honey of a time putting the finishing touches on things, and hope to have it up for you soon. As soon as it’s done, I plan to have a swarm of new postings for you.

I hope you’ll think it’s the bee’s knees.

I’ll buzz off now to keep from using any more bad puns! (Okay, I just can’t let this go without giving you a bit of useful information…so here it is: Let a teaspoon of honey dissolve in your mouth once a day. Honey has prope

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