Detox Essentials Part 3: Biotransformation

Detox Essentials Part 3: Biotransformation

Detox Essentials Part 3

Phase I, Phase II, and Phase II of the detoxification system is critically tied to the activation (or deactivation) of Cytochrome P450 (CyP450). Explains how and when to activate or deactivate CyP450 for optimum health

Volume 20, Number 3
12 pages

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The final incarnation of Sam’s official writing became the Health Realities Journal, published from 1994-2010. Each issue of this journal outlines the science associated with each topic in detail, but then also addresses related diet, supplemental, and lifestyle practical applications that can be used to address patient issues. Complete annotations are included for all scientific references used in their compilation.

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Detox Essentials Part 3

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