Whey Protein and Fine Wine – the Pasteur Connection


For all who appreciate fine wine and its association with longevity, this past October marked the 165th anniversary of Pasteur’s entry into science and his discovery of chirality (the mirror image effect seen in the crystals of tartaric acid that accumulate on the barrel as wine ages).

His curiosity about the making of wine – why some tartaric acid residues gave some wines an exceptionally good taste while other residues make the wine bitter – led to the first of his many scientific discoveries. Continue reading

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Cranberries Beyond Thanksgiving!

05 cranberry

A recent report by the American Chemical Society into the health benefits of cranberries revealed that after 1500 A.D., settlers to the new world were often greeted by Indians bearing cranberries.[1] The high vitamin C content of cranberries was believed to have helped the Pilgrims prevent scurvy.[2]

Most everyone is familiar with the health benefit of cranberries in fighting off urinary tract infections. In recent years, however, many other health claims have surfaced, prompting researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, to begin a multi-year study of cranberries’ health-promoting ingredients.[3]

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Designed2Win From Birth

The human body is truly amazing and clever – which is why I’ve been so fascinated with it for so long, and what’s led to our Designed2Win approach to health. This is true in every aspect of life, even from the very beginning. There is much to learn and apply to health right from the start of life as a newborn.

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GeneticTestingandMe: Should you ask your doctor for genetic testing?

Ever since the initial human tribe first appeared in Africa roughly 80,000 to 100,000 years ago, our ancestry has gone through 8,000 generations of trial and error. If you consider the many risks our ancestors must have faced, then you know getting here was something of a miracle.

Huge numbers of people died in childhood. Millions of others died at young ages in war, before ever finding mates. Disease, famine and infection played tricks on us all – and still do – but we survivors are certainly the better for it. Without exception, not one of those who died before reproducing is listed among your ancestors! History, after all, whether recorded in textbooks or our genetics, is written only by the survivors.

That means 8,000 generations of successful breeding to make YOU. So, how did you make it here, to this point in time? Better still, how do you make it beyond the here and now?
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The Story of Malic Acid

Malic acid offers an example of how plants can teach us a lot about ourselves.
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Oleocanthal – Why Olive Oil Is Even Better Than You Knew

Olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fat, is good for us. You’ve heard it all before – that monounsaturated fat appears to explain why the so-called Mediterranean diet is healthier than the standard American diet, high in fried and trans fats. Getting the full benefit from olive oil, it turns out, may have as much or more to do with differences in the production process as it does with the type of fat involved.

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High Blood Pressure ~ Real Answers Through Diet

The natural approach to most health problems begins with recognition of the wisdom of giving full support to the body’s needs. The more accomplished we are at providing that support – even while taking a prescription drug – the less reliant upon the drug we become.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at one of today’s most respected therapies for high blood pressure: ACE inhibitors (known in the science community as Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibitors).

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The Mountain Dew Mouse

mouse and Mountain Dew can

A recent issue of Chemistry and Engineering News had a feature story about a man who filed a $50,000 lawsuit against Pepsi claiming that he found a dead – but fully intact – mouse in a can of Mountain Dew.[1]  He said he had gotten violently ill with the first sip before he discovered the mouse.

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